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Professional Branding Company

We are a professional branding company that offers creative solutions through multi-media. We specialize in brand designs & we utilize the latest technologies to help you achieve your business objective[s].

Our motto has always been to learn, work and think creatively.

Since Pureworks´s inception in 2006, and leveraging on our expertise from various disciplines, such as visual designers, interaction designers, programmers, information architect and project manager, we are able to tackle the assignments and project entrusted to us. Our passion in the multi-media design industry has won us positive feedbacks from our clients. As such, we eventually moved into the realm of branding.

Also, at Pureworks we believe in delivering high quality designs and development solutions at reasonable costs - one parallel to your aspirations.

Whether in the print media or the digital media, we have the required knowledge and skills, the necessary experience and passion, as well as the technologies to do the job well.


Pureworks has formed strategic alliances with partners to enhance the value of our services through seamless development efforts and sharing of common expertise.


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Category of services

Website Design | Packaging Design | Logo Design | Name Card Design | Brochure Design | Leaflet Design | Poster Design | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Website Content Maintenance

All the stated services are catering for industries such as Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Fishing, Timber, Tobacco, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Computer, Software, Construction, Defense, Education, Energy, Electrical power, Petroleum, Entertainment, Financial services, Insurance, Fruit production, Health care, Hospitality, Information, Manufacturing, Automotive, Pulp and paper, Steel, Telecommunications, Transport and so on.


We have helped our clients from different industries in: Branding | Logo Design | Collaterals Design | Web Design | Packaging Design | Interactive Multimedia | TV commercial design | Interior Theme Design | Booth Design | 3D Animation | Photography


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We collectively build up our design philosophy through experiences, studies and researches for years. It suggests that "Art" and "Functionality" are 2 circles that overlapping each other in the context of branding and communication design. They are mutually exclusive but not independent of each other.

Human are gifted with a powerful brain, allowing the most complex processing to take place. Reasoning and Creative thinking among the capabilities of human brain have potential to create values to our lives. Pureworks capitalizes on these resources to realize our clients’ values.

In reality, the boundary of marketing and branding is vague. We believe that these two business tools should be kept separate. Branding is about laying a foundation for marketing communication to happen.

Branding arrays a compound for being exclusive, important, impressive, meaningful, impactful and memorable. Brand is a representation of your product image, promises and quality built to stand the test of time. A strong brand integrates multiple components, including customer interactions, employee communications, corporate philosophy and advertising/marketing efforts. It requires a holistic effort from all levels of an organization to create a consistent brand. No doubt a good branding foundation can bring your business to become popular and credible like Google or Yahoo.

As a designer, we seek for perfect balance between "Art" and "Functionality". There are always trade-offs between the 2 issues/considerations to meet targeted objective[s]. Pureworks sees a harmonious blend of "Art" and "Functionality" in any projects essential for branding success, embracing the people and processes. Without the people can render the business and content/information/brand messages useless. A good branding doesn’t happen by chance. Everything starts from a careful planning and research.

As we go along taking new challenges, we continuously learning and studyings people’s needs and behaviors. While trying to meet the industry standard, we also strive to break new grounds and define the next industry standard.

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For any enquiries, please fill in the form below or call us at +6012 670 4802 . Alternatively, you can drop us an email at Pureworks will keep in touch with you shortly.

Tel: +6012 670 4802

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